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Mission Statement
The fundamental purpose of Duchesne County School District is to assure that all students achieve at high academic levels. This must be embedded into the day-to-day practice throughout the district.
About Us!
We are a K - 6th grade school located in Altamont, Utah. Altamont is a rural community of about 250 people in the northeastern corner of Utah. We are in Duchesne County. We are at the foot of the Uinta Mountains, the only major mountain range in the US that runs east and west. Altamont has an elevation of about 6400 feet above sea level. We have cold winters and pleasant summers. Altamont is the center of a farming and ranching area that has a population of about 2000.
Altamont, UT
Longhorn Best Program
Longhorn Best Program
The classes were sorted into houses for the good behavior program for the year. The house with the most points at the end of the year gets to go on a field trip to the recreation center in Vernal
Trustland/Community Council
This committee meets every first Thursday of the month. If there is a school conflict, the date will be changed. Call the school to verify the date.

Parent Members:
Regina Atkin (,
Tiffany Peck (,
Natalia Huff (,
Erin Phillips (,
Krista Walker (
School Employee Members:
Cassidy Norman (,
Barbara Christensen (,
Suzzy Rowley (
Lori Oman (
Powerschool New Addresses
House Points